• Louise Baigelman


  • Matt Haldeman

    Director of Strategy

  • Shira Engel

    Director of Education

  • Joshua Jones

    Director of Technology

  • Wendy Anderson

    Director of Content

  • Andre'A Roper


  • Meredith Mix


  • Quincy Booth

    Board of Directors

  • Tiffany Preston

    Board of Directors

  • Elisa Adelman

    Board of Directors

  • Erica Kay

    Board of Directors

  • Ashley Derrington

    Social Media Intern

  • Jaya Minhas

    Social Impact Program Manager

  • Ariel Filion

    Master's Student at Harvard Graduate School of Education

  • Sharon G. Flake

    Author of 'The Skin I'm In'

  • Andrea Davis Pinkney

    Vice president, Scholastic Trade Books

  • Elissa Petruzzi

    Senior Program Manager, WNDB

  • Colin Seale

    Founder & CEO, thinkLaw

  • Valena D'Angelis


  • Rebecca Rich

    Chief of Staff, Teach for All

  • Destany Rodriguez

    Young Adult Advisor

  • Nick Lum

    CEO, BeeLine Reader

  • Alicia Iraola

    Young Adult Advisor

  • Wendy Casey

    Sales Executive

  • Avi Sethi

    Investments and Strategy

  • Josh Biber

    Education Advisor

  • David Goddy

    Former Publisher, Scholastic

  • Ayesha Rodriguez

    Author & Educator

  • John Mayo Smith

    Digital Media Consultant

  • Kingsley Metelus

    Poet & Artist

  • Lenn Darla Jean Gilles

    Young Adult Advisor

  • Lisa Simon

    Literacy Expert & Educator

  • David Flink

    CEO, Eye to Eye

  • Lawton Smith

    CEO, Literal

  • Gabrielle Schlichtmann

    Founder, EdTogether

  • Molly Shepard

    CEO, The Leader's Edge

  • Matt Haldeman

    Educator & Consultant

  • Kate Fusner

    Novelist & Teacher

  • Ruth Mathurin

    Young Adult Advisor

  • James Zug


  • Bobbie Bensur

    Director, Children's & Teen Services (CATS) at Baker & Taylor

  • Bob Cunningham

    Education Leader & Consultant

  • Barbara Mark

    Educational Sales Leader

  • Clare Walker

    Program Assistant at Justice Arts Coalition

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