Remix Decodables are controlled, Science of Reading-aligned chapter books designed to look and feel like popular YA books.

Unlike typical decodablesthe Storyshares series provides choices that meet readers at their individual intersections of reading ability and interest. Our titles are thoughtfully designed to be engaging for older, developing readers, through a new spin on:

  • Book Length
  • Book Shape
  • Themes
  • Characters
  • Pictures
  • Imagery
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The Science of Reading

Decodables follow a phonics scope & sequence where each decodable text has a specific focus that need to have been previously taught in order for the reader to decode the text. Sequential decodables get more challenging as students amass more skills. Each chapter in the decodables series helps the reader practice a phonics concept. All research-based reading intervention programs include explicit, direct instruction of the rules of the English language, broken up into easily digestible chunks of information. These decodables are supplemental chunks of text in the form of stories that align with the SOR concepts taught.

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Educator Companion

The Educator Companion is a resource for teachers, literacy specialists, volunteers, and librarians that breaks down the teaching concepts for each book into digestible, teachable chunks!

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